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December 2011 New Product Update

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The year is coming to a close and we’ve released a number of exciting new products to usher in 2012, not the least of which is our new, highly affordable SHP aluminum cylinder head! Take a look at what we have to offer coming into the new year.

SHP Cylinder Heads for Small Block Chevy
Our brand new SHP aluminum head is designed as an option for those looking to build great street engines with the weight benefit of aluminum heads, but not looking to spend a lot of cash. The SHP head offers great performance and easy to work with features at an astoundingly affordable price! And best of all, they’re 100% cast, machined and assembled in the USA, like all Dart products!

Check them out here…

Small Block Ford Iron Eagle Heads With 200cc Intake Runners
Our ever expanding line up of Ford offerings got some boosts this year, most recently we created these 200cc Iron Eagles. The larger runner size opens up more build options to those with a desire to build some bigger small block Ford engines with the benefits of a Dart head.

The option is available here, on our Iron Eagle Ford page.

Pro1 275 Oval Port BBC Heads With 110cc Chambers
We’re always keeping an eye out for little changes and additions we can make to better meet the needs of builders and enthusiasts. Thanks to some feedback we recently decided to add an option for this smaller chamber size to these popular heads to accommodate those who want to achieve higher compressions.

Pro1 275 Oval Port Cylinder Heads

5″ Bore Space Big Chief Heads
The Big Chief has always been an awesomely powerful head, by upping the bore spacing to 5″ we’ve taken it to new levels. This new Big Chief allows for a massive bore size of 4.750″, and some correspondingly massive power. Definitely something to check out if you’re interested in ultra high end competition builds.

Have a look here…

305 Small Bore SHP Block

We’re offering limited quantities of a 305 small bore version of our SHP block. These blocks are intended to give racers in classes that require stock displacements a high performance block option.

The option is available from the regular SHP block page.

Dart Merc 525 Style BBC Heads
Performance boaters have something to be excited about as well this year. We’ve recently released a redesigned Dart Pro1 head for Mercury Racing 525 style engines. This head offers compatibility with the Merc 525 set up, but features enhanced performance and superior durability.

Pro1 Merc 525 Upgrade Cylinder Heads

Blower Manifolds For BBC Engines From Indy

We’ve decided to make a selection of intake manifolds from Indy Cylinder Head available in order to compliment our BBC heads. These manifold, designed for use on supercharged engines, offer great performance to those running a setup that uses standard Dart BBC heads, Dart 18 degree BBC oval port heads, or Big Chief oval port heads.

Have a look here…

That’s all the new product news we’ve got for now, but check back, there are some more exciting things we’ve got in the pipeline and we’ll be ready to reveal them soon!