Dart News

New SHP Pro Blocks & 9 Degree Manifolds

SHP Pro Block

Our new SHP Pro block is now available!  This block was designed to meet the demands of engine builders looking for SHP affordability, desirable block weight and design that facilitates more powerful builds.

The SHP Pro has all of the best features of the original SHP block; priority main oiling, siamesed bores, extra thick decks and compatibility with most OEM parts.  In addition it sports some powerful new features; billet main caps, a big block cam bore and bigger .904 lifter bores.  These design elements make the SHP Pro block ideal for applications that will use higher spring pressures and run at higher rpm ranges.

The SHP Pro was introduced due to popular demand from builders looking to have a more flexible range of options in a very desirable price range.  With its enhanced strength and stability, this new block will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of many engine combinations.

9 Degree Manifold

We’ve  also released a new cast aluminum intake manifold for use with our revolutionary raised port 9° raised port small block cylinder heads.  This symmetrical split two piece manifold has been specifically designed to simplify extensive porting work, and is configurable for both 4.400″ and 4.500″ bore space cylinder heads.  Best of all, as a cast manifold it saves a bundle of cash compared to expensive, custom sheet metal alternatives.