Big Chief 11 Degree Cylinder Head

Big Chief 11 Degree, 512cc oval intake runners, 88cc combustion chambers, 4.600" cylinder bore, 2.470 intake and 1.800 exhaust valve job, full port, bare.

Big Chief 11 Degree Cylinder Head

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The 11 Degree Big Chief is a professional, competition quality cylinder head in a league of it's own. Everything about the Big Chief is designed for optimal efficiency and maximum power. From the consistent performance of the Pro Stock style spread oval port design, to the optimal valve angle, to the raised runners and shallow combustion chambers, the 11 Degree Big Chief is the ultimate competition cylinder head.

It is recommended that you contact a Dart technical representative before placing an order for this item. Detailed information about your planned engine build will help to ensure that you choose the right configuration for your motor and that any special parts and considerations are taken into account.

- Premium alloy: Dart aluminum heads are cast from virgin 355-T61 aerospace alloy for superior strength and integrity.

- 11 degree rolled valve angle and raised ports for maximum air/fuel flow characteristics.

- 5-axis CNC machined intake and exhaust ports and combustion chambers.

- Huge 2.470" intake and 1.800" exhaust valves.

- Copper beryllium valve seats and titanium valves.

- Spread port design eliminates inefficient port locations, increasing power and consistency.

- Raised spark plug location improves flame travel for a quicker, more complete burn, producing more power.

- All cylinder heads sold individually.

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