Iron Eagle Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Iron Eagle big block heads are designed to be highly effective for street performance, bracket racing, oval track competition, tractor pulling and high performance marine applications.

Iron Eagle Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

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We developed two rectangular ports: a high velocity 308cc intake runner that produces incredible torque and a 345cc version that's perfect for big inch, high rpm Rat motors. The Iron Eagle's raised exhaust port outperforms its cast iron competition but still fits most standard headers.

- Valve angles rolled two degrees from stock to reduce chamber volume and improve flow.

- Bolt on compatibility: Works with most off the shelf pistons and valve train components.

- Heart shaped chambers improve combustion efficiency.

- Hardened exhaust seats are compatible with unleaded gasoline.

- Multi-angle intake seats, radiused exhaust seats and precision cast valve bowls produce excellent air flow without hand porting or expensive CNC machining.

- Exhaust ports raised .300 to improve flow.

- Manganese bronze intake valve guides ensure long term reliability.

- All cylinder heads sold individually.

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