Little Chief 11° Cylinder Head

Dart's 11° Little Chief is the ultimate small block cylinder head. Designed with Pro Stock style oval ports, big block style canted valves and "semi-hemi" style combustion chambers, the Little Chief is a radical departure from traditional small block heads.

Little Chief 11° Cylinder Head

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The huge flow resulting from the 11° valve angle and splayed valve layout combined with spread oval intake ports, raised runners and highly efficient combustion chambers deliver amazing power in the Little Chief head!

It is recommended that you contact a Dart technical representative before placing an order for this item. Detailed information about your planned engine build will help to ensure that you choose the right configuration for your motor and that any special parts and considerations are taken into account.

- Premium alloy: Dart aluminum heads are cast from virgin 355-T61 aerospace alloy for superior strength and integrity.

- Shallow combustion chamber design improves combustion and allows use of larger valves for improved air flow.

- Copper beryllium seats are available with stainless steel or titanium valves.

- Valve seats will accommodate up to 2.230" intake valves and 1.550" exhaust valves to maximize flow.

- Spark plugs are shifted toward bore centerline to enhance flame travel and reduce spark plug advance requirement.

- Refined intake port design reduces turbulence and improves air/fuel flow.

- Tall short side radius and deep valve bowl enhance low lift flow.

- Water passages between exhaust ports improve cooling and prevent "hot spots" that can cause head gasket failure.

- Gasketed 3/4" reach spark plugs offer widest selection of heat ranges.

- Little Chief heads require modified lifter locations in the block. Dart can supply Little Chief ready engine blocks on request.

- All cylinder heads sold individually.

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