Iron Eagle Ford Cylinder Heads

Dart's Iron Eagle heads for small block Fords are a true bolt on performance upgrade for the highly popular 289/302/351 family of engines.

Iron Eagle Ford Cylinder Heads

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Made from premium cast iron and precision machined on our digital CNC machining centers, these heads are ready to go right out of the box. Intake runners are increased from stock size and feature streamlined valve guide bosses for improved air flow. The combustion chambers have been reshaped to improve combustion efficiency for increased power.

- Premium cast iron for superior strength and integrity.

- Bolt on compatibility: Standard valve angle and standard spacing accommodates all stock accessories.

- 180cc or 200cc intake ports provide a serious upgrade for stock units.

- Heart shaped chambers improve combustion efficiency.

- Multi-angle intake seats and radiused exhaust seats improve flow efficiency.

- Hardened exhaust seats are compatible with unleaded gasoline.

- Exhaust flange uses the standard bolt pattern.

- Manganese bronze valve guides ensure long term reliability.

- All cylinder heads sold individually.

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