LS1 Billet Blocks

With an LS1 billet block from Dart, a virtually unlimited number of options are available for experienced engine builders to take advantage of.

LS1 Billet Blocks

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Each LS1 billet block from Dart is completely custom machined, allowing for virtually unlimited choices in bore centerline, deck height, bore diameter, and lifter and cam options. Every billet block is machined from a solid block of ultra-lightweight, forged 6061 aerospace aluminum alloy, then heat treated with a proprietary process that results in ultimate strength and stability for extremely stressed racing engines.

From spread bore spacing, to modified head bolt patterns, to special lifter locations, altered cam shaft locations or high capacity water jackets Dart billet blocks turn your concepts into a reality.

- Forged 6061 aerospace alloy with proprietary heat treatment for maximum strength and stability

- Custom machined for your application

- Custom deck height options

- Raised camshaft locations

- Cam tunnel options up to 60mm

- Custom lifter diameters

- Steel main caps

- Full water jackets

To Place A Billet Block Inquiry:
Billet blocks are highly specialized and customized pieces. If you are interested in placing an order inquiry for a billet block please answer the basic questions below and add this item to your cart, then checkout as normal. You will not be billed for this, it is a free service.

When you do we will contact you to flesh out the details of your billet concept and quote you a price. Alternately, you may give us a call to inquire about billet blocks from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST time, Monday through Friday 248-362-1188.

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