SHP Pro Blocks-

The SHP Pro block combines the affordability of Dart's SHP line with a big block Chevy cam bore, bigger lifter bores and billet main caps for higher rpm builds.

SHP Pro Blocks-

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The Dart SHP Pro block adds a new dimension to the SHP line, with the affordability of an SHP block, new features for more powerful engine builds and the desirable weight of an SHP casting.

The SHP Pro has all of the features that make the SHP block so popular; priority main oiling, siamesed bores, extra thick decks and compatibility with most OEM parts, in addition it sports some new features that make it suitable for builds that will use higher spring pressures and run at higher rpm ranges. Billet main caps, a big block cam bore and bigger lifter bores add up to greater strength and stability.

• Brand new precision machined, light weight cast iron block.

• Big block Chevy cam bore (2.120")

• 0.904 lifter bores

• 9.025" deck height

• Billet steel main caps

• ARP main studs

• Siamese bores 4.000" or 4.125" (unfinished).

• Extra thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal.

• Blind head bolt holes don't go through to water jacket.

• Clearance for 3.75" stroke with steel rods.

• 350 and 400 main journals accept commonly available crankshafts.

• Uses 1981-1985 stock style oil pan and dipstick.

• Uses stock stamped steel or plastic timing cover.

• All OE bolt holes for starter, clutch ball, etc...

• Priority main oiling system directs oil to main bearings first for more dependable lubrication.

Block Prep Options
Dart blocks are optionally available fully finish prepped. If you choose to order your block this way you can specify a final lifter spec and a final hone spec. Your block will be finish machined to your specs, final prepped and washed, pipe plugs and freeze plugs will be installed, then it will be bagged and boxed. Your block will arrive finished and ready to use!

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