Race Series Aluminum Ford Engine Blocks

The Dart aluminum small block is light, strong and affordable. With displacements up to 450 cubic inches, it is ideal for competition applications where weight is a concern.

Race Series Aluminum Ford Engine Blocks

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With pressed-in dry sleeves, upgraded oiling and steel 4 bolt main caps, Dart's aluminum blocks have the features that Ford racers need to build reliable and affordable engines.

- Premium alloy: Dart aluminum blocks are cast from virgin 355-T61 aerospace alloy for superior strength and integrity.

- Siamesed cylinders: Standard 4.000" or 4.125" cylinders can be safely bored to 4.165" diameter. Ductile iron sleeves and extra thick walls prevent cracking and produce excellent ring seal.

- Scalloped outer water jacket walls improve coolant flow around the cylinder barrels to prevent detonation, extend engine life and produce consistent cylinder temperatures.

- 4 bolt billet steel main caps. Three center caps have splayed outer bolts for extra strength; rear cap uses standard one piece seal.

- Two main bearing diameters 302 (2.249") or 351C (2.749") allow choice of small or large journal camshaft.

- Provisions for stock motor mounts, accessory drives, smog pumps, starter brackets, oil pans and pumps.

- Upgraded oiling system has a complete stock type system plus a low restriction priority main oiling system with front and rear external oil pump feeds.

- Dual crossovers allow oil flow to be metered with restrictors for roller lifter cams and/or rocker roller arms to reduce oil flow and windage.

- Reinforced head bolt bosses are blind tapped to prevent leaks and produce accurate torque readings. Extra thick decks prevent head gasket leaks.

- Includes coated cam bearings, freeze plugs and dowels.

- Machined with front and rear external oil feed, crossover and restrictor provision.

Block Prep Options
Dart blocks are optionally available fully finish prepped. If you choose to order your block this way you can specify a final lifter spec and a final hone spec. Your block will be finish machined to your specs, final prepped and washed, pipe plugs and freeze plugs will be installed, then it will be bagged and boxed. Your block will arrive finished and ready to use!

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