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How can I identify a Dart cylinder head or engine block?

Will Dart port my factory heads?

I have a Big M block, do I need an O-ring in the rear main cap?

Do I need taller lifters for my Dart block?

I damaged one of my Dart aluminum heads, can it be repaired?

What size cam plug do I need for my Dart block?

What dipstick should I use for my Little M small block?

What is the difference between as cast and CNC heads?

What is the difference between sportsman, standard and race series heads and blocks?

Dart Employment Opportunities

Are there any Employment Opportunities available at Dart?

Cylinder Head Selection Guide

Should I use iron or aluminum cylinder heads?

Are as cast heads or CNC ported heads best for my application?

Should I CNC port my Dart Platinum Series cylinder heads?

Do I always want the highest air flow numbers I can get?

What cylinder head intake port size will perform best on my engine?

What cylinder head combustion chamber size will work best with my engine?

What valve springs should I select for my cylinder heads?

Straight plugs or angle plugs?

What kind of spark plugs should I use with my Dart heads?

Will I need any special parts to install my Dart cylinder heads?

How should I go about selecting a cam to go with my heads?

How should I select a carburetor to go with my heads?

What else do I need to know before I install my new heads?