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Chevrolet BBC Crankshaft – 4.375 in. Stroke

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Dart 4340 Forged 8CW Crankshaft – BBC 4.375 Stroke

Dart’s 4340 Forged Crankshafts are meticulously engineered for Chevy Big Block (BB) engines, boasting a robust design in high-strength 4340 forged steel. With fully counterweighted precision, these crankshafts minimize vibrations, ensuring a smoother engine operation. The 2-piece seal design enhances sealing efficiency, preventing oil leaks commonly associated with older configurations. The polished journals contribute to reduced friction between the crankshaft and bearings, promoting optimal rotation and overall engine efficiency. Featuring a dual keyway, these crankshafts provide flexibility in timing configurations, facilitating fine-tuning for improved performance. Dart’s commitment to a robust design ensures durability under high loads, making these crankshafts a reliable choice for those seeking to elevate the power and performance of their Chevy BB engines.

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